In Their Own Words… Douglas Adams

When deciding on the next author to feature in a segment of “In Their Own Words…”, I thought of Douglas Adams and I knew he would be perfect.

I was a fan of Adams from the very first page of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. His random and satirical sense of humor had me laughing out loud, and the “trilogy” remains one of my favorites. His quotes are a mixture of humor and simply stated fact, and I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Adams quote 10 adams quote 9 Adams quote 8 Adams quote 7 adams quote 6 adams quote 5 adams quote 4 adams quote 3 Adams quote 2 Adams quote 1


(Resources: Brainy Quote for the words, The HubbleSite for the pictures, and the completed graphics are mine with help from Quotes Cover)


In Their Own Words… Robert Frost

I loved Robert Frost’s poetry as a child (I mean, who didn’t like the poem about the two roads?), so even though my tastes have changed and matured, he still seemed like a good place to start for my first In Their Own Words post. In addition to his extensive poetry, Frost has also been quoted saying some truly beautiful, humorous, and encouraging statements.

Robert Quote 4

Robert Frost 2

Robert Quote 3

Frost Quote 5

Frost Quote 1

Frost Quote 6

(Resources: Brainy Quote for the words and the graphics are mine with help from Quotes Cover)