Once Upon a Lexicon was born from a long-standing love of words (and fairy tales) and the desire to share them with others. I took an Etymology class in high school on a whim, and followed that with brief periods of studying both Latin and Greek. I found that I was delighted by learning new words, or finding ones with a rich background, and I was hooked. English contains so many little oddities and unusual phrases that to think they could all be contained in a blog would be irrational, but this is a curated little corner of the blogosphere sharing my favorites with you. I hope you enjoy!



Rachelle is a young writer and blogger living in Indianapolis, IN. She is an event coordinator by day and a leader in her local NaNoWriMo group by night. She enjoys binge-watching Netflix with her husband, solving cryptoquips, swing dancing, taking pictures of her sleeping puppies, and drinking wine. Lots, and lots of wine.

Disclaimer: I do not post affiliate links, or make money from them. If I link to an authors work, it is purely because I have enjoyed meeting them, or look forward to reading their work myself.

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