Absolute Nonsense (A Whole List of It!)

I never knew there were quite so many words for “nonsense” until I stumbled upon this list by The Phrontistery. (I swear, I didn’t make them up myself)

You may not believe it, but all of these words (over 60 of them) all mean the exact same thing: Complete and total nonsense.

It’s strange, but it’s not entirely surprising. What better way to discredit an opponents argument, then claim that it’s complete rubbish, hogwash, baloney… you get the idea.


ackamarackus pretentious or deceptive nonsense
baboonery foolishness; stupidity; nonsense
balderdash nonsense; a jumble of words
ballyhoo bombastic or pretentious nonsense
baloney humbug; nonsense
bambosh deceptive nonsense
bilge lower point of inner hull of a ship; nonsense or rubbish
blague humbug; pretentious nonsense
blague pretentious nonsense
blarney skilful flattery; nonsense
bletherskate a garrulous talker of nonsense
brimborion worthless nonsense; trash
bugaboo loud or empty nonsense
buncombe speech-making intended for the mass media; humbug
bunk nonsense; humbug
bushwa nonsense
cack rubbish; worthless nonsense
claptrap showy language designed to gain praise; nonsense
clatfart idle chatter; nonsense
codswallop something utterly senseless; nonsense
effutiation twaddle; humbug
eyewash humbug; something done merely for effect
fadoodle nonsense
falderal nonsense; meaningless refrain of a song
fandangle pretentious tomfoolery
fiddlededee nonsense
fiddle-faddle trifling talk
flam humbug; trickery
flannel ostentatious nonsense
flapdoodle gross flattery; nonsense
flimflam nonsense; trickery
flummadiddle nonsense; humbug
flummery anything insipid; empty compliment; humbug
fribble frivolous nonsense; a trifling thing or person
fustian pretentious writing or speech; inflated or nonsensical language
galbanum nonsense; a kind of gum resin
galimatias nonsense; confused mixture of unrelated things
gammon to feign an action; perpetrate a hoax on; nonsense, rubbish
gibberish nonsense talk
grimgribber learned gibberish; legal jargon
haver foolish nonsense
hibber-gibber gibberish
hogwash nonsense; worthless idea
hooey nonsense; humbug
humbug nonsense
jabberwock nonsense, gibberish
jiggery-pokery deceptive or manipulative humbug
kelter nonsense
kidology deceptive trickery; nonsense
linsey-woolsey coarse inferior wool or wool-flax weave; nonsense or confusion
macaroni nonsense; foolishness
malarkey humbug; nonsense
morology nonsense
mullock nonsense; rubbish
mumbo-jumbo obscure nonsense
narrischkeit foolishness; nonsense
nugament nonsense; trifle
phonus-bolonus exaggerated trickery or nonsense
piddle nonsense
pigwash rubbish; nonsense
poppycock humbug; nonsense
posh nonsense
quatsch nonsense
rannygazoo foolish nonsense
razzmatazz meaningless talk; hype; nonsense
rhubarb nonsense; actors’ nonsense background chatter
riddle-me-ree nonsense language
rottack rubbish; nonsense
schmegeggy nonsense; an idiot
shuck nonsense
skittles rubbish; nonsense
slipslop nonsensical talk
spinach nonsense
squit silly talk; nonsense; an insignificant person
stultiloquence foolish or senseless talk
taradiddle senseless talk; deception; nonsense
tarradiddle lie; falsehood; nonsense; fib
tootle nonsensical writing or speech
tosh rubbish; drivel; nonsense
trumpery deception; trickery; showy nonsense
twaddle rubbish; nonsense

I’m sure there are more out there, and the list will never end, because only having only one word for nonsense? What poppycock.


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