Let’s Talk About… Collective Nouns (Unofficial Pt. 3)

As usual, during my research for Part 1 and Part 2 of my Collective Noun post, I found a few things that I couldn’t resist sharing. So, for Part 3, enjoy a few humorous cartoons, posters, and images about collective nouns!

Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns by David Malki (available as a poster!)


A few avian terms of venery by Micheal Kline


A cartoon by Pain Train


A Pickles cartoon


These adorable illustrations from Babbel

bd6162bf-edab-4485-8af3-0ba1f6e57702   b59e28f3-fd93-4174-af6b-3214ccd669a5

54fa3c35-a5ba-4959-bd61-056a8de631bd   9f074604-79f2-4f8a-a0b7-597de6e30281  9c0c4f8c-02f5-4bb5-803d-00796db2ff0a   3eb6f03a-cc60-4c64-ad0d-889364b8a1b9   6e5f8efc-6901-4fe6-a248-f9eba262a243   4e75b6d7-896e-4672-82c8-e2f3fd207da8

And these illustrations from Giulia Barbera

12_snakes 11_whales 10_gorillas 09_owls 08_wolves 07_frogs 06_rhinos 05_elk 04_fish 03_crows 02_ferrets 01_lions


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