Buzzfeed’s “18 Perfect Words You Need To Start Using Right Now”

I find inspiration for my blog posts everywhere, from a situation in my everyday life to an article I saw online. I also have some favorite sources to get ideas from, which includes Mental Floss, Now I Know, and as you will see today, Buzzfeed.

I found this post, “18 Perfect Words You Need To Start Using Right Now”, when a friend shared it on Facebook and I loved the graphics. The moody, professional pictures somehow fit perfectly with the snarky, Urban Dictionary sourced words (a majority of which are portmanteaus), and I just had to pass them on. You can see the original post here. The words are from Urban Dictionary submitters and paired by a member of the Buzzfeed staff, Daniel Dalton, with pictures from various photographers.

Just try to look at these and not think they should immediately be added to the English lexicon.

original-30672-1436889719-9 original-30738-1436889416-3original-29409-1436886542-3 original-19548-1436882844-3 original-18628-1436883316-3 original-16999-1436890624-3 original-14708-1436891348-3 original-13838-1436889054-7 original-9138-1436885676-3 original-8584-1436881722-3 original-8534-1436891464-10 original-6365-1436885192-3 original-5242-1436888153-9 original-5242-1436888072-3 original-4266-1436883638-10 original-4210-1436886083-3 original-3113-1436890535-3 original-1593-1436890200-3


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