Whiteboard Confessions: UtopYA Pt. 3

If you didn’t catch Part 1 or Part 2 of this series: In June, I attended my second UtopYA Con in Nashville, TN. Dubbed “The conference with heart  by Publisher’s Weekly, it was truly one of the high points of my year. Since I was launching Once Upon A Lexicon the day after the conference, I walked around with a whiteboard in the exhibit hall and asked some of the authors just one question…

What is your favorite word?

Here is Part 3 of their answers!


edit- Kelly Riser

Kelly Risser is an author of Young Adult, Paranormal and Romance books. Her debut novel, Never Forgotten, was released by Clean Teen Publishing in 2014, and quickly followed by books 2 and 3. As a fellow adventurer, I love her favorite word! I think Utopia Con itself is a wonderful adventure (or at least the 5 hour drive it takes me to get there)!

edit- Chandra Hahn

As a reader who prefers physical books, I found myself last year at my first UtopYA feeling a bit lost because so many indie authors are often e-book only or not in the library circulation, so I didn’t know a single author there. But, when I walked past Chandas table, I stopped dead in my tracks because I realized that I had already read the first book in her UnEnchanted series! A few years ago, my parents had given me an iPad, and I downloaded a handful of books (mostly classics) for free to see if I liked reading e-books. UnEnchanted was the only one that I read all the way through because even though I didn’t like reading it as an e-book, I liked the book too much to put it down. Chanda had already ran out of the second book in her series when I stopped by her table this year, but I’m hoping to get the complete set someday soon!

edit- Bridgett OHare

On Bridgette’s Facebook page, her tagline is “Normal is Overrated”, which I can relate to. Bridgette is the author of the Book of Dreams series, which are supernatural suspense with a romantic twist. Bridgette gave me a copy of Lullaby, but my friend stole it because she wanted to read it immediately. Once I chase her down to get it back, I can’t wait to dive in!

edit- Elizabeth Tuttle

Elizabeth Tuttle is part of the Rebel Writers and the author of Spark of Light, which I saw described as “fantasy meets dystopian”. It’s like she took my favorite word right out of my mouth, because it’s possible that I say “awesome” more times during the day than I should. Elizabeth, YOU are awesome!!

A big, giant Thank You to this weeks participating authors! Stay tuned next Tuesday for the final edition of Whiteboard Confessions: UtopYA!


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