Whiteboard Confessions: UtopYA Pt. 1

In June, I attended my second UtopYA Con in Nashville, TN. Dubbed “The conference with heart by Publisher’s Weekly, it was truly one of the high points of my year. Filled with amazing and uplifting attendees, I immediately felt right at home. Plus, it’s the best place to meet and hang out with your favorite indie authors! There’s nothing quite like fangirl-ing in panels, then finding them at the after party and getting down to “Shake It Off”.

I can’t WAIT for next year. Check out the amazing plans and beautiful new re-branding for next year’s Utopia Con!

Since I was launching Once Upon A Lexicon the day after the conference, I walked around with a whiteboard in the exhibit hall and asked some of the authors just one question…

What is your favorite word?

Here is Part 1 of their answers!

edit- Rebecca Varros

Rebecca Yarros writes YA/NA, and is the author of The Flight & Glory series . I think my friends and I hogged her table for almost 45 minutes, and our discussion about traditional publishing and cliffhanger-hate was a highlight of the trip.

edit- Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris is a best-selling romance writer. I bought a copy of “My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century“, and can’t wait to start it! I first met Rachel when my friends and I were waiting in the lobby for our Uber, and Rachel offered us a drink. I knew right from the moment I saw her little personal cooler filled with Mikes Hard Lemonade that we were going to get along.

edit- Misty Provencher

Misty Provencher is a YA/NA author, and one of the sweetest people I spoke to when walking around with my whiteboard. We had a great conversation about starting this blog, and she gave me a copy of Cornerstone, which I can’t wait to start.

edit- Nooce Miller

Nooce Miller just released her debut novel, The Rooftop Inventor, and I think she’s going to do some amazing things! I actually met Nooce at last year’s UtopYA, and during a conversation that didn’t last more than five minutes, my writing buddy and I found out that we all lived in Indianapolis. We invited Nooce to stop by our weekly writing group, and she has met with us almost every Tuesday since then! I watched her feverishly work on her story to release during UtopYA Con 2015, and I’m so proud of how well she did. Also, no big deal, but you will see my name in the acknowledgements.

A huge Thank You to the participating authors! Stay tuned for the next installment of Whiteboard Confessions: UtopYA!


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