Listophilia: Philia’s

Welcome to Listophilia!!

As an avid word collector, I love offbeat words just about as much as I love lists. To kick things off, we will start with the word-forming element “philia” from the title.

When “-philia”, or any of its forms, is added onto a word or root word, it indicates “a tendency towards” or “an abnormal liking for”. For instance, my ‘Listophilia’ title indicates an abnormal liking for lists. Which seemed about right. It comes from the Greek word philía, meaning “friendship, affinity, affection”. You can also see it as “-phile”, “-philic”, “-philous”, “-philist” or “-phily”.

So, let’s get started!

  1. apodysophilia (n): a form of exhibitionism, feverish desire to undress
  2. arctophile (n): a person who is very fond of and is usually a collector of teddy bears
  3. chasmophilous (adj): fond of nooks, crevices and crannies
  4. chromophilous (adj): staining easily
  5. chrysophilist (n): a lover of gold
  6. dendrophilous (adj): fond of trees
  7. gynotikolobomassophile (n): one who nibbles on women’s earlobes
  8. labeorphily (n): collection and study of beer bottle labels
  9. neophile (n): one who loves novelty and trends
  10. oenophile (n): one who is fond of or loves wine
  11. peristerophily (n): pigeon-collecting, or the rearing of pigeons; specifically, the training of carrier-pigeons for military service.
  12. pogonophile (n): one who loves, or is attracted to, beards
  13. stegophilist (n): one who climbs buildings for fun
  14. stigmatophilia (n): obsession with tattooing or branding
  15. turophile (n): cheese lover

What other “-philia” words do you enjoy?

(Resources: The Phrontistery,


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